ViewProtect™ Certified Installers

To find an installer close to you, please select the province and region closest to you. Please contact any of these installers to assist you with the installation of your ViewProtect transparent burglar bars.

Please note:

A certified installer marked as an “Armed Bar Installer” has received training on the necessary procedure for installing ViewProtect Armed Bars and Standard Bars.

An Installer marked as “ClearTrellis Installer” has received training on the installation of the ClearTrellis product as well as the Armed and Standard Bar.

A certified installer marked as a “Standard Bar Installer” may only install the Standard Bars.

Each of our certified installers has a star rating, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest.

South Africa

South Africa

Certified Installers in Botswana

Certified Installers in Ghana

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Certified Installers in Mauritius

Your Assurance in our product is important to us:
  • All ViewProtect Installers listed have been Trained and Certified by ViewProtect and are bound to the ViewProtect Code of Conduct.
  • Special attention is given to the quality workmanship demonstrated by the installer candidates during the training course and sub-standard workmanship is not tolerated. Only certified installers who are fully committed to maintaining ViewProtect’s quality standard will be listed on our website.
  • ViewProtect has a strict set of quality regulations and specification for the ViewProtect range of products and only approved materials are supplied to installers for use when performing installations.
  • When correctly installed the ViewProtect Armed Bars will not trigger false alarms.
Certified Installers Verification

ViewProtect understands that our clients are security conscious, and as such, we have put in place a number of methods that will allow you to confirm the identity of your Certified Installer prior to his/her visit to install the product that you have purchased.

This will protect you against unauthorised entry by criminals.

There are 3 ways in which you can ensure the identity of your certified installer:

  1.  A verification email/SMS can be sent to you by the installing company 24 hours before the installation. The certification number can then be used to identify the installer via ViewProtect’s website using the instructions contained in the SMS.
  2. The ViewProtect certificate ID has a QR code on the back that can be scanned into your cell phone to verify the installer’s identity via our mobile website.
  3. Compare the installers ViewProtect certificate ID with the installers ID/driver’s license.

Please remember to give us feedback regarding your installer as well as the ViewProtect product which you purchased.

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