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The ViewProtect ClearTrellis is a newly developed product and is the world’s first transparent retractable security gate. The ClearTrellis will have the opportunity to be connected to any active alarm system by using Smart Bar Technology and therefore ViewProtect has an unparalleled advantage over our nearest competitors.

The ClearTrellis gates are only available in the Armed option and all customised gates are manufactured according to each client’s needs. All the vertical polycarbonate bars have the Smart Bar Technology installed and even the horizontal stainless steel cables form part of the in-series alarm protection.

The ClearTrellis will improve the client’s security with a 24/7 active alarm protection, even if the gate is in motion, and a transparent physical barrier that will not influence your valuable views like other metal retractable security gates.

This transparent retractable security gate product will improve your house value by removing the prison appearance you will get when installing metal gates at your doors and openings.

With the installation of the ClearTrellis you will have an unspoiled view, even when the gate is opened and stacked (parked) to the side of the door or opening.

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ViewProtect™ adheres to strict regulations on the standard of the polycarbonate products used, purchasing these products from ISO regulated companies.

An independent test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural Engineering) runs random tests on the polycarbonate products prior to the sale of  ViewProtect™ Transparent Burglar Bars.